I have always loved making Sauvignon Blanc and have waited too long to make one that was my own.

The focus of my winemaking is to create the purest Sauvignon Blanc with a little oak, and sur lie aging. There is a small bit of sediment in each bottle because we did not filter, and if the wine is frozen, it will have some crystals at the bottom of the bottle. Most other wineries freeze their wine, so the crystals do not form in the bottle. Freezing wine can lower the quality in some conditions, so I did not do it. Every step I took, I looked to create the best Sauvignon Blanc I have made.

Cormorant wines are 100% Sauvignon Blanc, from one vineyard, grown without synthetic pesticides or synthetic fertilizers. A single French oak barrel and a few stainless drums held the wine as it fermented cold. Simple winemaking allows for the pure expression of the varietal, so once the juice was in the barrels and drums, we did not pump it, freeze it, or use any other machinery to manipulate this wine.

— Charlie Gilmore

Cormorant Winemaker Charlie Gilmore